Προκατασκευές υπό σεισμική δράση

Σεισμική δοκιμή κατασκευής από ξύλο της εταιρείας ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ.
Σεισμική δοκιμή συστήματος τοιχοποιΐας ξηρής δόμησης της εταιρίας ECOBEST.

Group Leader: Marcus MK Lee, University of Southampton, UK

ShellForm Panel System is an innovative factory fabricated building system that has been developed in response to the UK housing crisis. The core of the system is a structural membrane formed using a specially formulated cement, based compound whose constituents are all naturally mined materials. This compound when mixed with water and reinforced with steel meshes creates a membrane that has superior structural quantities in term of strength, durability and fire resistance. The ShellForm Panel System consists of this structural membrane in conjunction of rigid foam insulation and can be used for walls, floors and roofs of building. These structural elements are strong durable and have excellent thermal and sound properties.
The aim of this project is to investigate the seismic behaviour of ShellForm Panel System, which has been developed for offsite fabricated housing that can be used for the entire building envelope, including walls, roofs and floors. The tests will be carried out using the shaking table facility of Laboratory for earthquake Engineering at National Technical university of Athens. All tests will be carried out at full scale specimens and will reach the ultimate capacity of the panels under testing. Details for the construction of the specimens are shown in following drawings